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WordPress Sites

WordPress is a website content manage system. It is considered the most used and supported content management system currently in use. Websites running content management systems can be technically managed in the background by an experienced administrator and content can be easily added and edited by users without having to gain a skill level any higher than needed for most social media platforms. This makes them a great choice for a website you can add to or update easily without having to worry about all the technical stuff.


Basic WordPress Site – $200

  • WordPress site installed with Divi Premium theme
  • Up to 5 pages with your initial text and image content. (includes content migration from an existing site)
  • Plugins installed to support SEO, caching for speed, social network sharing, site security & backups
  • Support to get you started managing your site.
  • Support with Domain registration, hosting and sourcing images if required

Add ons – $60/hr

  • Extra site optimisation for Speed, Search Engine & Mobile friendliness
  • Larger than Basic WordPress site
  • After we have a better idea of the size and complexity of your site, we can offer a capped price quote.



Shared Hosting at A2 Hosting


L1 – $30/year

  • cPanel
  • 500MB Disk space
  • 10GB Month bandwidth
  • 1 Add-on domain

L2 – $50/year

  • cPanel
  • 1GB Disk space
  • 20GB Month bandwidth
  • 3 Add-on domains

Customise your own plan – $/year

  • Account base with cPanel $10
  • Disk space $30/GB
  • Bandwidth $1.00/GB

Support – $60/hr

Site Optimisation

Site load time
Tablets and mobiles
Search Engine Optimisation: Google Search Console setup, Sitemap, Titles & descriptions, Metatags, Headings, Images, Sitemaps.
Google Analytics setup to monitor traffic

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-list setup

Website Management/Admin

If adding or editing content is infrequent, it may be more cost effective to have your site managed than maintain site management skills for yourself or staff.


If you are managing your own content and find online support documents a bit daunting or you are stuck, I can provide training either one on one or in small groups to help you get started or get you over a bump. These are usually online & teleconference but in person may be possible in some situations

Domain registration support

Having your own domain name requires finding a registry, choosing names and extensions, registering and pointing the name to your host. This can be straight forward for some, but not for everyone. I can walk you through this or in some cases set it up for you.

Email addresses @yourdomain

There are plenty of great free email services out there, but usually they require the use of the providers domain. There are also services which can be set up to use your own domain for a fee. I can help set up email addresses using your domain

No Obligation Consultation

Here we can discuss your vision and ideas and look at what we can do to meet these. There is no obligation or cost to this apart from your time. You may decide to go ahead or not and that is ok, as long as you get value from the consultation. Or from our discussion you may gain insights that lead you going in a completely different direction altogether.

Discounts - cumulative up to 50%

Beyond our already affordable rates, we will discount further when you:

  • take up more than one service.
    • 2 services -10%
    • 3 services -15%
    • 4+ services -20%
  • have ethical content to your project or your identity or community are unjustly marginalised -20%
    • Please discuss eligibility
  • Your NFP, Social entrepreneurial startups is unfunded -20%
  • or your content identifies with an event related promo

My Process


Let's get an idea of your vision and how we can best represent or actualise that online. We can brainstorm this together and work out what we need to pull it all together


I create an overview of  your site (online or offline) to share with you so you can get a better idea of what it might look like in the real-online world. 


We make changes to the site or plan to better suit your vision. This may also happen on an ongoing basis for continual improvement


When you are happy with your site or plan we release it into the wild (making it live on the net)


I provide documentation, training and ongoing support & maintenance as required to help you evolve your site as you or your organisation evolves.

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