Websites to Help You Make the World a Better Place.

Despite advancements in knowledge and ability, we still live in a world with hate, fear, unjust inequality and an unsustainable consumption of resources. Fortunately there are many among us passionate about making the world a better place. If this is you, I invite you so see what I can offer to help you by way of providing an online platform for your voice, your project or your community to make a difference




  • Hosting (Singapore Based)
  • cPanel account
  • From $30/year
  • Customised plan
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Digital Marketing

  • Site Optimisation (speed, mobile friendly)
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media support
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  • Website Management/Admin
  • Training
  • Domain registration support
  • Email addresses @yourdomain
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No Obligation Consultation

Here we can discuss your vision and ideas and look at what we can do to meet these. There is no obligation or cost to this apart from your time. You may decide to go ahead or not and that is ok, as long as you get value from the consultation. Or from our discussion you may gain insights that lead you going in a completely different direction altogether.

Let’s have a chat.


Beyond our already affordable rates, we will discount further when you:

  • take up more than one service
  • have ethical content to your project
  • or your community are unjustly marginalised
  • or your content identifies with an event related promo

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