About Me

Hi! I’m Annie

I started off in tech as a telecommunications technician in the late 70’s. By the mid 80’s I had specialised in the installation and maintenance of digital voice and data transmission equipment. After leaving that role I was self employed in a number of businesses and started using online resources as they became available. Starting with bulletin boards and then the internet. I was comfortable coding and creating my own websites for my own businesses and projects as well as others. My work and projects moved away from the technical area and more into the social realm where I found a greater sense of purpose making a positive difference in the lives of others. I’m bringing the two together, using technology and especially online resources to make a positive social impact.

I am currently a sole operator for web development, with other ventures running concurrently, so limited in project size.

Empowering Ethical People, Organisations and Projects

Ethical Web Development was conceived on 31 December 2018 and born on 1 March 2019 after 2 months developing in the mind, the heart and on the web. My vision for Ethical Web Development is that it will empower more of those who aim for ethical sustainability, inclusion, equality, choice and rights to bring their voice, reason and evidence online to combat the fear, inequality, hate and misinformation that is harming our societies.


I have general experience with many common development languages, platforms and libraries. I’m a bit rusty on but can pick up as required, such as HTML5, CSS & Javascript. I am most experienced with WordPress and the Divi WordPress Theme as a great way to get a good looking and functional site up with minimal effort and cost, making it more accessible to you.  

Contact Info

0472 651 720

Hours: By Appointment

Contact Guidance

I work online from home, have no set hours and do not actively monitor my phone. The best way to contact me is by email, but you can also leave a voice or text message for when I do check my phone.

I am not currently set up to do business outside Australia