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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so low?

Low overheads

This service is currently only myself, a sole trader working from home and as such there are no extra overhead costs for me for hiring staff, commuting and renting & operating a premises. These savings to me can be passed on to you

Non-financial value

In return for providing this service, I receive fulfillment of sense of purpose, not needing extra profit to fund fulfilment elsewhere.

Purpose of service

It is a purpose of these services to make an online presence for ethical projects and marginalised groups more accessible. A lower cost increases this accessibility.

Starting prices

Having recently started this service, there is still reputation and client base to build and service gaps to discover to evolve an even better service. This could start out with even further discounts, then price reviews in future could bring prices up to a more typical range while continuing to offer great value and accessibilty for ethical projects and marginalised groups. 

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